After commencing thte manufacture and sales of diamond glass cutter in 1946, our company was recoganized into a stock company specializing in diamond bites and diamond dressers in 1958.

As "Quality FUJI DIA," we have since been recieving warm support and strict guidance from customers in many industrial fields.

During that period of time, we developed diamond wheels,cemented carbide tools, sintered diamond / CBN compact tools, and other products that met the needs of the times, all of which were of top quality at all times in the market.

As customers' products further diversify in purshit of higher quality, we willl continue to do our best to offer tools that will bring out the best in customers' "ism".

代表取締役社長  篠崎好夫

President 篠崎好夫

Corporate profile

Trade name FUJI DIA CO.,LTD

Tokyo office
651-1, Ohtsuka, Hachiohji, Tokyo 192-0352
Phone: +81-42-670-7871 / Fax: +81-42-670-7314
Suwa Office
5204-12, Higashi-shioh, Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano 393-0043
Phone: +81-266-28-2510 / Fax: +81-266-28-7604

Foundation November 1, 1958
Banks The Bank of Mizuho,Ltd. / Chofu Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd. / Fuchu Branch
Major customers

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

Isuzu Mortors Ltd. Ueno Corp.

Olympus Group

Canon Inc. Group Kuroda Precision Ind. Kyocera Group Miike Machine Co, Ltd.
Konica Minolta Group Citizen Group RIKEN

StarHard Inc.

Seiko Epson Corp. Group Sony Group Nicon Group 

Nidec Group

NHK SPRING CO., LTD. Mikuni Corporation Musashi SG Corp.

Bosch Group

Koike Sanso Kogyo Group Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. Mitshui Mining & Smelting CO.,LTD.

Hitachi Tool Engineering,Ltd.

Jidosha Buhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.




Patent / Utility model

4 in Japan

"Manufacturing Method of Diamond Tools" and others.

4 in Japan        

12 in Outside Japan

United States of America, Russia, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, China, Korea, Gemany, Netherlands, Italia.

12 in foreign countries   12 in foreign countries   12 in foreign countries

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