Optimum tools possible by numerous variations

Our company provide Single Crystal Diamond (natural diamond) Tools, PCD Tools (Compax), Diamond / CBN Wheel, and Tungsten Carbide Tools in many areas of industrial in Japan as "Quality FUJI DIA".
We can suggest the best tool to your product.


Single Crystal Diamond Tool

We produce diamond Bytes, Insert, and Dresser and others made by Single Crystal Diamond. We can also made by both Natural Diamond and Synthetic Diamond.

Polycrystalline Diamond Tool (PCD)

Consists of synthetic diamond particles, making it ideal for many work materials processing (AI, Cu alloy, resin, wood, etc.) except for the steel.

Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride Tool (PCBN)

It is suitable for grinding machining of cast iron and steel material that has been hardened to high hardness. Ideal for hard iron.

Tungsten Carbide Tool

It is produced in a short delivery time by tailor-made jigs and various tungsten carbide cutting tools.

Grinding Wheel

Ceramics and glass cermet such, is extremely effective in the grinding of tools, molds and products of tungsten carbide.


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